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 Why Sharex?


Our more than 500+ Clients can attest to our exceptional standards in customer care, our unending focus on quality, and our innovative approach to the stock transfer business. In our opinion, SHAREX's success can be attributed to the following four distinguishing factors:

Pioneering Technological Innovation

From our very inception, we have relied on consistent technological advancements to ensure our continuing ability to provide high quality services at rates substantially lower than those of our competitors.

Our experienced mainframe and PC programmers have developed our processing systems entirely in-house. Our Director of Information Technology, who has been with the company since its early days, has encyclopedic knowledge of our operations and our industry and has overseen the growth and development of our vast and complex information technology resources. As a result of our staff's familiarity with our proprietary processing systems, we have demonstrated an unparalleled ability to adapt to changing markets and circumstances in an expedient and responsible manner.

Time and time again, we have put our technology resources to the task of meeting our clients' most daunting business challenges. Over the years, we have developed custom applications in the areas of customized applications.

Responsiveness to our Customers/ Flexibility

The stock transfer business is unique from most other service organizations. In addition to providing a needed corporate service, SHAREX is the public face of our corporate clients. Shareholders often do not understand the function of a transfer agent, and they consider a call to SHAREX as a call to the client.

Since we are the public face of our clients, we know that it is absolutely vital that our structure accommodate the unique business needs and circumstances of each of our clients. We are continually modifying our systems and our business processes to ensure that all reasonable client requests are satisfied. SHAREX truly abides by the notion that "the client is always right."

Organizational Structure

One of the pioneering service enhancements introduced by SHAREX is the flat, single point organizational structure. Our clients are each assigned an account administration team that has overall responsibility for all aspects of the client relationship. Our clients are not expected to familiarize themselves with the intricacies of our operations and to determine the best person or department to call in each instance. Our clients will never be passed from person to person when trying to resolve a question of issue. All questions can be posed to the appropriate account administration team, who will ensure that the client receives a complete, correct and expedient answer. And, our account administrators are always available. SHAREX does not permit its first-line operational employees to use voice- mail during regular business hours.

But, this single point system is only part of the solution. Once an account administrator has received a client request, we must ensure that our organizational structure is optimized in a manner that will ensure the immediate response time that our clients have come to expect. SHAREX can boast a truly flat organizational structure. From our Director through the maintenance personnel, there are never more that three levels in our organizational structure. This flat structure ensures that all requests, regardless of their nature, receive immediate attention by the most qualified and capable party.

The last organizational element that distinguishes SHAREX is its high level of employee satisfaction and loyalty. The average tenure of our first-line employees is in excess of 12 years. And, on average, our managerial staff has been with SHAREX for greater than 10 years. These long-term employment arrangements, coupled with the fact that all of our employees are located in a single facility, ensures that our employees are absolutely familiar with the intricacies of our business and have the working relationships necessary to ensure that requests are handled correctly and expeditiously.

Simple and Predictable Fee Structure

Yet another industry innovation pioneered by SHAREX is the flat monthly fee structure. Until SHAREX was founded, the industry standard was a  monthly fee and a whole host of add-ons and additions, many of which were not clearly understood by the clients. SHAREX introduced at that time, and maintains to this day, a flat monthly fee structure which allows for predictability and planning. Except as otherwise agreed, the only costs not included in the monthly fee are out-of-pocket and incidental expenses. This accommodation on fee structure simplifies our clients budgeting and ensures that our clients do not receive unexpected and inexplicable charges.



In a continuing effort to provide our clients with the greatest degree of personal access and control, SHAREX is pleased to announce a new system of online data reporting. Under this new system, clients may request custom generated reports to be instantaneously delivered to a designated e-mail address. These reports are designed to provide our clients with instant access to the information they need most. The reports that are currently available online include:

  • Shareholder Lists
  • New Accounts Shareholders List
  • Individual Account Information by Account Number
  • Certificate Detail Report
  • Geographic Analysis Report
  • Proxy Totals Report
  • Daily Stock-Quotes

Needless to say, should you require any report that is not currently available under our new-online reporting system, we would be more than happy to provide it to you.


Formatted Reports at Your Fingertips
It  is  the  SHAREX tradition of customized service, if you require a report that is currently unavailable online, call us! We will design the new report and make it available to you within one week.